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Hey y’all!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out Joyful Bits. Back in 2013 we got married but before that happened we knew that we had to be thrifty in order to achieve our dream wedding. This is where my (Helena’s) love for design was put to the test with designing and planning our wedding and Matt’s creativity with building things blossomed ‘cause that is his jam. As a result, our wedding was a success! Ever since I’ve been hooked on wedding design/planning while Matt continues to build and create beautiful pieces for couples. We see Joyful Bits as an opportunity to bless other couples who are getting married just as we felt blessed by those who took the time to bless ours in the very beginning of our adventure into marriage. It puts a serious happy in our hearts to love on others and assist with making their dream wedding come true whether small or big; ‘cause it’s your day. We are available to assist and create one of a kind weddings and décor for any event that will leave priceless memories anywhere y’alls heart desires. Happy trails friends!


Joyfully Yours,


The Pedersens

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